Thomas Family Intro

Thomas Crew, Family of 8


Thomas Family Intro

Thomas Crew, Family of 8


Here is a bit about our Family! 

Hannah and I will be married for 17 years this coming September.  We have been through thick and thin together.  Our most amazing accomplishments to date are our 6 great children.  Our oldest is 13 and our youngest is one. It is so great to get to know each of these great children, learn how different they are, and learn so much from them as we get the privilege being their parents.  

Dana and Hannah Thomas (Florida 2015)

The Thomas Crew (Yes. We have SIX children.)

[Dana] Man!  That all sounds like everything is perfect all the time. It is not! That is life. Every great adventure, especially the adventure of raising children, is not perfect.  I certainly will not be a perfect parent either.  I will try my hardest to be.  That is an adventure in itself.  It is my core driver.  I want to be a great husband and father.

This Blog: All Types of Adventures

Hannah and I came up with this blog name years ago. We love life!  We feel our best when we are thinking and acting in a whole life. We also love Adventures! Nomads, explorers, experimenters, rebels, hippies, gypsies, Crazy and Loco, thinkers, deliberate, and fun are some of the words used to describe us.  Whole Life Adventure!  We only have one life.  The way we want to make it count is to experience life in the most whole way possible.  We know this will be different for everyone on the planet.  We are going to share how we are doing it!  Right now we embarked on a RV full-time lifestyle.  This lifestyle alone will offer a lot of adventures on its own. The good, bad and ugly all shared here. Dreaming Big. Living Big. 


One of the biggest things for Hannah and I are the people we meet and the relationships that result.  We consider these relationships to be gems in our life treasure boxes.  Individuals, couples, families, communities, etc.  Each having similarities yet each one being so uniquely enriching.  For however long or short we truly cherish how people around us help us be better people and friends.


One of the main reasons we love moving from place to place is we get to meet more people.  Past that, we do find each place we have lived to be distinctly unique.  Plants, landscape, wild life, local history, food, and traditions. These factors and more make each place we visit such a great learning experience and such amazing memories.

Current Adventure Location


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