The What or otherwise known as "You're going to do WHAT?!"- Cliff Notes version

Turf and then Surf,Dream Big Turf and then SURF full-time family travel. By land then by SEA full-time family travel. RV bus conversion then by CATAMARAN SAILBOAT full-time family travel. We think maybe about 2 yrs for turf ( give or take) and then somewhere between 6 months and forever by sailboat..... Pretty solid plan eh?.... Seriously now, way more thought has gone into this but this is cliffnotes/ the elevator pitch/ for those of you with VERY short attention spans. I mean everyone's first question and ours too, how to financially do it? So we don't really know yet about how to support ourselves during the sailing part (though we have some ideas) but God provided an interesting twist. D

The What: Full Time Family Travel (in more detail)

The Plan: Family of 8, Dad, Mom, 6 children and a dog. Get rid of 90% of what we own and be full-time travelers by land and by sea. Long term we want to try to live on a catamaran sailboat. Our goal is to set sail in 2018 ( but we are also always open to wherever the Lord leads and His timing). We think we'll start in the Fl Keys to learn ( to sail and adjust to living on a boat), get our sea legs and then hop over to the Bahamas. We may Island hop all the way down through thr Virgin Islands to South America if all goes well, then north, up along South then Central America and then Mexico. Or we could start in Mexico ( or travel around the Gulf in the US coast to Mexico) and head South. We'l

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