I Fall Down Caught on GoPro - Episode 3

I Fall Down! We were hiking in beautiful Missouri and I fall down super fast all while holding my GoPro. My wife laughs every time. She would not think it was funny if I actually got hurt. The down sloping ground beside the road was a mix of grass and loose gravel. I must have hit a patch of gravel. I never fall down like this. Maybe I paying too much attention to filming and not enough about walking. At least I caught this hilarious moment on camera. Feel free to laugh until your sides hurt! #gopro #accidentoncamera #adventure

8 Months Full Time RV Family of 8 - The Adventure So Far

We tried to grab a quick family picture at our church Christmas party. This was the best one we got! Does show how crazy Team Thomas really is! :D Our Offer So we have been living in an RV full time for over 8 months now. We have not been blogging on a regular basis so this is the deal we offer. We plan to write quick, yet hopefully exciting, blog articles to keep everyone up to date here on out. The plan is to sum up all the adventures somehow in this article and as we keep you updated we hope to create blogs about specific adventures we have had these first 8 months. We will see how this goes! :D The Start of the Journey I got my first full-time Agile Coach role. Jeremy (my best friend) an

The Why, Full time travel by LAND and SEA - More depth

Simplify and AMPLIFY/Minimalism (add a side of fulltime family travel:-) Why? JOY, LOVE, CONNECT, PASSION, INSPIRATION, LIFE MISSION, CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS OF LIFE- INTENTIONAL LIVING- PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, DO HARD THINGS, LAUGH, SERVE, LEARN,WORK, PLAY, CREATE/INNOVATE, TAKE SMART RISKS, GET OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONE-Growth, HEALTH, FUN!!!!! Minimalism- It's got a lot more attention lately. I mean with all the "tiny house" shows and "Hoarders" combined. There was that book that got a lot of media attention and seemed to resonate with most who read it. "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" (affiliate link). I think a lot of people have been feel

I Caught My First Fish - Ep 2

The Excitement of catching your first fish... Two of my friends from work had never been boating or fishing. This is the moment my friend caught his first fish. It is so funny it makes me laugh every time! I love first moments especially when it is fishing. So glad I caught this one on video and can share it with everyone. Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/ukulele Starring: Saurabhsuman "Saurab" Choudhuri Dana R Thomas #firstfish #fishing #firsttimeexperience #funny

RV Living - First Tour of our Prevost Bus Conversion - Episode 1

RV Living - First Tour of our Prevost Bus Conversion Welcome to our new Home! The first tour of the Thomas family RV. Our family of 8 is now living full time in this 44 foot Prevost that was converted from an Entertainer Coach to a RV. There are a lot more projects to be done. We want to be real as we show how we live and the consequences, good and bad, of moving into a RV full time with a family of 8. We plan to create "Updated Tour" videos in the near future as we conquer certain challenges and discover new ones. #rvtour #busconversiontour #prevostconversion #FullTimeTravel #RVliving

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