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Boston Massachusetts Mission

Received Mission Call

DATE HERE - Had a zoom call and didn't expect over 50 participants on the call. 

Family moves to Missouri

For those that do not know my family and I have lived in a converted band bus for over 4 years. We arrived in Missouri on the 21st of June.

Ordained an Elder

Ordained an Elder. Dad, Bro Poplin, Jeremy Ashton, Warren Ward, and Matthew Johnson got to be part of the circle. Wish more family could be there. Glad I had such great men present.

Ordained a Missionary

It has begun. I am officially a missionary for my church. Two years dedicated to His work. Not sure how to feel. I think I am feeling everything so far.  

June 16th '20
June 21st '20
August 16th'20
August 18th'20
August 19th'20

First Missionary Companion

Elder Pruitt from Georgia is Dallins first companion.

Sept 7th'20

Dallin gets his Endowment at Kansas City Temple

One of three Elders that were allowed to get endowment at Kansas City Temple today.

Sept 8th '20

Dallin leaves on a jet plane to Boston MA

7am Flight from Kansas City MO to Charlotte NC and then land in Boston MA about 320pm.

Sept 10th '20

First Area Assigned: Bridgeport CT

Dallin has been assigned to work on Bridgeport CT. It is a port city on the Long Island Sound.

First Missionary Companion (Trainer)

Sept 10th '20

Elder Evans from Mesa AZ is Dallin's first companion. The first companion is considered his "trainer". His companion was originally assigned to serve a mission in a foreign country speaking Persian. So Dallin's companion still studies Persian for an hour every day so Dallin has the option to study a language too.










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About Boston Massachusettes Mission

Elder Thomas has been assigned to the Boston Mass. Mission. As you can see here it includes most of the state of Massachusetts, most of Connecticut, all of Rhode Island, and even a little of Vermont.

The mission is further broken down geographically into "areas". Elder Thomas could be "transferred" as quickly as every 6 weeks from one area to another area. Most of the time he will stay in each area 2-6 months.

If anyone wants to send Elder Thomas any packages just contact his parents and we will give you the best address.

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