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  • Dana R Thomas

Extreme Minimalism Big House to Tiny House - Episode 6

The Purging process we went through to go from big house to RV...

Hannah and I explain the process of our family of eight people going from a 4500 square foot house to a 300-ish square foot RV. This is an extreme minimalist change.

We explain how we broke the sorting into stages. We started a long time in advance.

We explain how surprising the emotional attachment we had to stuff.

We explained how we used a scanning app on my phone and Google Drive to archive lots of paperwork, memorabilia, and other keep sakes.

We also share how freeing it feels to have purged, released, giving away, and sold so much of our stuff.

We miss very little of all the stuff we owned. We would not trade all the great experiences we have already had for any amount of stuff.

Our new favorite quote is "Collect Moments, Not Stuff"

Royalty Free Music from Bensound:

Starring: Hannah L Thomas Dana R Thomas

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