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Thomas Family Whole Life Adventure 2020 Update

Alrighty! Where to start. Oh right. The last post. It was a blog tour of our HOME, our RV. We were living in Provo, Utah at the time. Well, as of the blog post. Technically we were in Costa Rica as of Dec 2018. Let's get to it then.

The Beginning-Minnesota-April 1st 2016 (no fooling) to Oct 2016

So far we started in Goochland VA (west of Richmond, VA). We drove to our first spot in Montgomery, MN. Lived on an organic farm and began finding more "village families and friends". We have gotten to cross paths with some of them since then.

Arizona-October 2016 to November 2016

From Minnesota, we went to Mesa, AZ. Sadly life had a plan for us to be there for only 2 months...I guess only 6 weeks actually. Not only did we get to visit with my sister and her family but we got to visit with my Father in law and his wife. We found another "village family" while in that area.

Texas-November 2016 to March 2018

From Arizona, we moved to San Antonio, Texas. What another beautiful part of our country. We had many adventures while there. Trips to the Gulf, Alamo, and River walk. Our beloved dog Kalila "Kali" passed away. Our seventh child Strider was born. And of course we found more "village families" we would not have met had we stayed in Virginia.

Utah-March 2018 to October 2018

From Texas, we found ourselves moving to Provo, UT. We have family there but never saw any contracts in the Utah area. The perfect contract came along. Everything worked out perfect. We got to park the RV across the road from the Provo River. We were only a mile or so from Utah Lake. At the beginning we were within 5 mins of our family. Then they moved within walking distance. We hiked, played, swam, and explored. My dear Zane asked for four things on his birthday. #1 A fishing pole as his gift. #2 Go fishing for his birthday party. #3 Eat those fish. #4 And... Cake. See picture below to guess how his birthday went (this is in 1.5 hours of fishing)...

While in Provo, UT my nephew called me and told me he had met a lovely young lady in Costa Rica. You could have seen the proverbial "light bulb" come on above Hannah and my heads...Let's go to Costa Rica! We made plans and it all came together.

Costa Rica-October 2018 to December 2018

From Utah we drove the bus, and other vehicles, to Florida. That was an adventure in of itself. We got on a plane and went to Costa Rica for two months. I could do Youtube videos and blog posts for years to just cover our time in Costa Rica. Beaches, foraging in the jungle, hunting cacao pods, the French Man's bakery, tropical fruit from street side vendors, gathering pipas (young coconuts with sweet water and custard like meat), waterfalls, monkeys, sloths, giant crickets, snakes, birds, gators, poison dart frogs, flying mantas, volcanoes, hot springs, snorkeling, tidal pools, crazy roads, city in the clouds, ficus trees, and as many and varying types of beaches as the previous adventures. I could go on but I will stop myself. There were many difficult parts of living in Costa Rica as well. That is part of life, change, and doing things different. All adventures have good parts and tough parts. This adventure was well worth all the good and tough parts.

Florida-December 2018 to March 2019

From Costa Rica we returned to Florida and lived in our RV while looking for my next contract (I even did a couple of video interviews from Costa Rica). We enjoyed being near family and enjoyed Florida weather while we waited. We had hoped things would come together a little quicker than it did. So we went up to Virginia to visit with one of our early "village families" while I continued to look for my next contract.

North Carolina-March 2019 to December 2019

By the first week of March we found ourselves in the Durham, NC area. We fit right into the group of homeschoolers, the property we parked on, and the local church congregation. Other than our first park spot attempt, think Austin Powers golf cart situation with a 45 foot 22 ton bus, things went really well at the beginning. Yeah. Not a moment we stop to take pictures.

Many adventures in the Durham area. The adventures were mainly on the amazing and inspiring property we were parked on and the people, "definintely village families", that whom make the community of the property. More on that another time. People from church and in general, Triangle Leadership Commonwealth homeschooling group, and crossing paths with old friends filled the next eight months. My contract allowed me to go remote. Another extremely rare moment in my contracts. So we decided to head south for the winter and found a place in SW Florida.

Florida-December 2019 to Current

From NC we moved to Southwest Florida about 1.5 hours south of Tampa, FL. We have found a secret piece of paradise. We live just shy of two miles from a quiet beach on the Gulf of Mexico. We can find fossilized shark teeth and other sea life on the beach. Fishing, boating, great weather, swimming, great seafood, Hannah and I are working on our SCUBA certification, and more "village families" being found, and most importantly visits with my parents and my brothers family. This has been in just a couple of months so far. That's right! We are in Florida right now. We are not sure if we will only be here a few more weeks or a few more months. That's the life of this adventuring family. It may be just a small update. Lots of adventures that we would love to share with you from each of these locations. We will update you as things move forward (sooner or later).

Conclusion...for this one

So far we love this adventure. It will be four years on April 1st that we moved on this RV. Our oldest is now 17 and making big plans for life. All our children are growing so quickly. We still do not know what the path ahead has for us more than the next few months. Even that is up for creative application of where we want to be and the types of adventures we want to have.

If we have a goal of all this is to share that living a whole life adventure requires dreaming big, working hard, taking risks, and an attitude of adaptability and resilience. We are working on all these things too. It only takes a little of all those things. We love sharing with all you.


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