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  • Dana R Thomas

Where we live 2018: Fulltime RV Living for a Large Family

One of first questions we always get when people hear we have 9 people living in an RV fulltime is "How big is your RV?" We did a video walkthrough at the beginning of this adventure 2 and a half years ago. We decided to do a new tour and a blog article about our HOME.


Quick History

Below is our first tour of our RV (bus conversion). It was filmed right after we arrived in Minnesota, our first destination as full timers.

We lived in Minneapolis Minnesota, Phoenix Arizona, San Antonio Texas, and Provo Utah so far. It has been a great adventure. We started this adventure with our 6 children and while we were in Texas had our 7th child.

full time large family rv living
April 1st 2016- Leaving Richmond Virginia area. First Day as full time RVers.


Bus Tour (Prevost Bus Conversion)

It has been fascinating that as we move from place to place the kids have not been as disturbed by each move because our "Home" has stayed the same wherever we go. Come see our Home.

Sign above RV door that says, Home, Where our story begins.
Not your traditional Home. Home is where you make it.


Dining/Lounge Area



The counter to the right/bottom has shelves underneath. This whole section also pulls out into the aisle so you can get to the back corner. The counter with the sink in it has three deep pull out drawers where you see the towel hanging. The frig is bigger than most and is plugged into the solar system so it is always on. We have our dehydrator on top of the frig. This could easily be a spot for a microwave. So far we have been able to leave everything where you see it while driving except for Vitamix and stuff on top of the dehydrator.


Water Closet (Toilet Room)

If you look closely you will see the lines in the US that show where we have moved. It needs the update of us moving from Utah to Florida. The door here is toilet. We love that it is separate from where our closet, shower, and vanity are.


Bunk Jungle

It is really difficult to take pictures of this narrow space. But you get the idea here. I am almost 6 foot tall and I can lay in any of these bunks. There are technically six bunks. The floor bunks are on small platforms (mainly to prevent moisture issues under the beds). The kids each have their "own" space but love being in such close proximity. They lay at night talking, joking, and playing (maybe a little too much).


Family Closet/Dressing Area + Shower

To the immediate left is the shower. It is a decent size for an RV. It is a corner shower. We have an instant hot water heater. So no running out of hot water on this RV.
Straight ahead is all of our linens and toiletries. You also can see the steps up to our bed in the back but we will explain that later. As you can see this is where our vanity and mirror are as well. A very busy place when the whole family needs to go somewhere together.

This is our family closet. We were used to this type of closet in the last house we lived in. We highly suggest a family closet for any large family. Look it up. It saves a ton of time and easier to keep organized.


Master Bedroom

We took out the "RV Queen" and jammed our pillow-top king sized mattress into this space. This picture also shows the small bed we have setup for our four year old.

We could not be anymore literal with the name "BED room". We love this space. We find most of the family hanging out back here in the mornings and evenings. It feels like a nest.

This is to show another cabinet. Most RV's have very little storage space.

That is our HOME. It is a great Prevost Bus Conversion.


Other Details:

History of the Bus

We were told this was a band bus when it was first made. We were told that the whole band was put in jail for drug use and the bus went to an auction. Apparently a Gospel Band put the first bid on the bus at Auction. The story is that the bidding system went down and the Auction had a rule that they honored the last bid. So the Gospel Band got the bus for a great deal. They put most of the miles on the bus until they retired. They sold the bus to the family we bought the bus from. The previous owner did most of the bus conversion. We bought it from him in California and drove it to Virginia where our journey begun.

Other Features on the bus:

  • Three solar panels hooked up to four batteries that mainly keeps the frig going no matter what happens

  • Huge diesel generator that can run the whole bus

  • Detroit Diesel with Allison Automatic transmission (gets 8.5 average MPG, 7.5 MPG when towing Toyota Corolla)

  • Airride system

  • Recent repainting of the roof with Reflectix (6 coats)

  • 3 x 35 Gallon fresh water tanks

  • 110 Gallon grey water tank

  • One black tank (not sure the size as we have never used it...we have a composting toilet)

  • Small sized washer and dryer in under bays

  • Lots of space under the bus for storage

  • Tool chest in Generator bay

Let us know what other details you would like for us to add to this article. Pura Vida!


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