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  • Dana R Thomas

Bahia Bellena - Costa Rica Beach - One of the best beaches ever - Whale Tail Beach

My family and I spent two months in Costa Rica from mid October 2018 to mid December 2018. It was the absolute best trip we have ever taken as a family. I could spend years blogging just about those two months. With that overwhelming statement I decided to blog about one of our absolute favorite beaches. It is by far the most unique beach we have ever been too as well. It is call Bahia Bellena which literally translated means Whale Bay. Many call it Whale Tail Beach as well for obvious reasons.

Above are a few of my images I captured while flying my drone there. I will make a video of all my drone video footage I created. That will take some time. It is amazing there.

So this beach! It is very unique because it has a reef that is exposed every low tide. This reef is situated in a way it forms a sand bar that is also exposed at low tide. SO we got to walk out across the sand bar to the exposed reef. WARNING: The rocks are sharp themselves and they have some barnacles on them. Wear shoes and be careful. With that said, exploring this reef was amazing! We saw so many tropical fish in the tidal pools. One other part if you have not noticed is being able to hike far enough off the shore to look at this country and understand what it is called Costa Rica (Rich as in rich with life and beauty).

Look at the time you are there and see when the low tide is. Just google "bahia ballena costa rica tide". There is no shade out there. We brought our backpacks with food and water. Bring lots of water. It was a great hike, day at beach, and great time exploring the tidal pools. This is part of a national park and you have to pay for parking near by and to enter the park.

This was one of many great adventures. Look forward to a drone footage youtube video (no promises on when).

Go have a whole life adventure today!

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